A Relationship Between Stellar Metallicity Gradients and Galaxy Age in Dwarf Galaxies

F. J. Mercado, J. Bullock, M. Boylan-Kolchin, and FIRE Collaboration (2020); MNRAS, Volume 501, Issue 4, pp.5121-5134

The Time-Scales Probed by Star Formation Rate Indicators for Realistic, Bursty Star Formation Histories from the FIRE Simulations

J. Florez Vela\'zquez, A. Gurvich, C. Faucher-Gigue\'re, J. Bullock, T. Starkenburg, J. Moreno, A. Lazar, F. J. Mercado, J. Stern, M. Sparre, C. Hayward, A. Wetzel, K. El-Badry (2020); MNRAS Volume 501, Issue 4, pp.4812-482


Simulating Pegasus: A Rotationally-Supported Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

229th AAS meeting (poster number 145.18): Francisco Mercado, Alejandro Samaniego, Coral Wheeler, James Bullock, Jorge Moreno, Adrianna Perez, Phil Hopkins + FIRE collaboration

Interaction Induced Size Evolution in Galaxies

227th AAS meeting (poster number 342.11): Francisco Mercado, Jorge Moreno, Paul Torrey, Phil Hopkins + FIRE collaboration