Brief Bio

I'm a second year Physics Ph.D. Student at UC Irvine where I work with Professor James Bullock. Our group utilizes large cosmological simulations to study the formation of galaxies throughout time. We primarily focus our studies on the Local Group galaxies; i.e., the Milky Way, Andromeda (M31), and the small galaxies that surround them.


My previous work as an undergraduate research student focused on helping me develop the tools necessary to run hydrodynamical simulations (using the GIZMO code in particular) and to analyze their output. Recently, as part of the Local Group here at UCI, I've started studying the hot gas content (T > 106 K) of Milky Way like galaxies using the LATTE and the ELVIS simulations. I've also been working on studying the metallicity gradients of dwarf galaxies using two suites of simulations developed by Andrew Graus and Alex Fitts.

Publications & Posters

Community Outreach

I've participated in outreach events planned by various organizations that work to encourage young students to pursue higher education both in and out of STEM fields. As a Latino student, I'm interested in partnering with graduate students of other underrepresented backgrounds and taking these outreach events to elementary and middle schools primarily populated by students of similar backgrounds. Doing this is important because young students need to see people that look like them flourishing in order to project themselves in successful roles.


I have served two quarters as a Teaching Assistant for the UCI Physics & Astronomy department. As a TA I have graded quizzes and homeworks and have run discussion sections for the following courses:

Physics 2: Intro to Math Methods (Fall 2017) --- Instructor: Professor Mu-Chun Chen

Physics 20E: Life in the Universe (Spring 2018) --- Instructor: Professor Paul Robertson


At UCI, I serve on the Physics Graduate Caucus as the DECADE (Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience) Graduate Student Representative. DECADE is a Graduate Division program that aims to increase recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds working towards doctoral degrees. As the DECADE grad student rep. I can point my colleagues to the wealth of resources provided by DECADE that help with various issues such as mental health, professional development, and funding.

Curriculum Vitae